Friday 1 December 2017

HPEC Provincial Conference…An Annual May Tradition
Submitted by: Sonia Sheehan

Any health and physical education teacher looking to add to their professional repertoire needs to attend the HPEC Provincial Conference.  This is an annual May tradition in my teaching practice.  It is a conference organized by Alberta teachers for Alberta teachers.  Each May I travel to the Alberta city that is hosting the conference and I experience an unbelievable learning opportunity that positively impacts my teaching and my physical education classes.  Many units I have incorporated into my yearly plan have been derived from one of the many HPEC conferences that I have attended.  

The HPEC conference is filled with numerous opportunities to learn, connect, celebrate, remember and “let loose”.  Learning happens in the multitude of sessions offered (ranging from health focused, physical education focused, fitness focused, sport focused, wellness focused, outdoor focused, cooperative learning focused) and the quality keynote address that welcomes all the delegates of the conference.  Connecting with colleagues happens throughout the conference when “like minded” teachers from around the province come together for 2-3 days of dedicated learning in the field of health and physical education.  Celebrating happens during the awards presentations that recognize deserving teachers throughout the province with HPEC Certificate of Commendation Awards and HPEC Distinguished Service Awards and the acknowledgement of the service of all the HPEC Past Presidents during the Past President’s reception.  Remembering happens during the Robert Routledge Address when one prominent Alberta teacher remembers what was done in the past and provides a health and physical education message for the future.  “Letting loose” happens at the themed Friday Night Social that is sure to have conference delegates enjoying an evening of good food, drinks and dancing.

I have had the opportunity to attend 17 HPEC conferences.  Each HPEC conference is memorable.  With HPEC adding a great deal to my teaching practice, this year I will be co-chairing the 2018 HPEC Conference with a theme of Finding Balance.  I invite you to register for the conference and learn from our keynote speaker, Joey Feith: The Physical Educator and the many sessions being offered, connect with colleagues from around the province, celebrate the winners of the HPEC awards and the service of all our HPEC Past Presidents and “let loose” at our Friday Evening Black and White Casino Night Social.  The 2018 HPEC Conference will be held in Calgary at Mount Royal University.  Come and join us while we work on “Finding Balance” in the field of Health and Physical Education.  Make attending the HPEC Provincial Conference your annual May tradition!

HPEC Conference Keynote: Joey Feith, The Physical Educator