Monday 12 February 2018

Leaders Make Great Jugglers

Leaders make great jugglers

During my teaching and schooling career giving back to my communities has been something I make a point of doing. From helping with hockey programs as a teenager to working with various sports teams, being in a position to work with others and help our next generation is something I value.
The same can be said about the teaching practice how we dedicate our practice to helping others and forming our next generation of youth. This drive begins as a beginning teacher trying to find their place in their given school or division. On top of becoming comfortable with their curriculum, colleagues, district, and community they also are working on adjusting to life as a full time teacher and how that looks as your life changes.
These past few years has been my first experience of life truly changing: When I first got to hold Elsie it really sunk in about how this life event was going to alter my perspective on my career and my home life. Let the juggling begin…

As leaders, we are all striving to push ourselves to places we strive to go to, constantly getting better and staying away from complacency. Sometimes life happens and instead of bowing out and letting it consume you, leaders find a way to always be their best. A good summary of this mind set that I always reflect back to is “Are you giving the people around you the best version of yourself?”.  I find this statement speaks volumes for me on a personal level but also really defines how leaders carry themselves: No matter what the situation, no matter who they are dealing with, leaders are always giving the best version of themselves in anything they do. Leaders all have a different story as to how they got to where they are, the experiences they endure shape them into the person that they are today, but one thing that remains the same is their willingness to be the best and give their best all the while juggling home and work life in between.
The juggling act is something I am working towards and have a new appreciation for each and every teacher and leader that achieves this: Working full time, taking risks, always seeking growth and change, all the while never letting you think that they are running on a few short hours of sleep, had to wait up all hours with their son or daughter, or dealing with a sick child. Collectively giving the best version of themselves in every situation. I know that this is a new experience for me and having such great role models for this in our district and province continues to motivate me to improve my juggling act as my career and parenthood progresses.
In summary:

1. Push and drive yourself to where you want to go - Be the driver, be your own motivator! Know that while you have amazing colleagues and coworkers that surround you, remind yourself that the only person that can make change and grow in your practice is you!
2. Give the best version of yourself - No matter your situation, no matter what has been placed on your plate, a subtle reminder for you is to reflect back on two questions: Why do I teach? And am I giving the best version of myself? The latter question can be something that you reflect on outside of your teaching career and into your everyday life. Others deserve your best version of yourself and sometimes we need to remind ourselves that throughout our life we need to find ways that ensure we are giving those people who deserve the best version of you!