Thursday 12 September 2019

Floor Hockey - Stick Handling Lesson Plan

Submitted by: Joe Faught, 2019 HPEC Membership Conference Grant Recipient

Grade: 3 - 5

Application of Basic Skills
Functional Fitness
Body Image
Fair Play
Goal Setting/ Personal Challenge
Active Living in the Community


Run IF:
Kids line up against the wall with their backs against the wall. The teacher stands in front of them and tells them to run if:
  • They are wearing sweat pants/ shorts
  • Their family has a car/ truck
  • They have a brother/ sister/ only child
  • They prefer white bread/brown bread
  • And so on. 
Be creative in your questioning to learn about your students. Depending on the skill level of your students, they can either simply run to the wall and back, or stick handle to the wall and back

Circulate and provide feedback to students as they stick handle

Evaluate hand placement, eyes being up, and proficiency stick-handling around obstacles and controlling the ball (checklist)

Ask students to self reflect on their stick handling at the beginning of the lesson vs stick handling by the end of the lesson (self reflection sheet)
Learning Activities/Teaching Strategies

Review the following items with students about how to handle a floor hockey stick and ball.
  • Parts of a stick - knob, blade shaft, toe
  • Stick length - should be between collarbone and nose
  • How to grip a stick - top hand facing in and bottom hand facing out
  • Right handed vs left handed holds and curves
  • Curve - how to properly curve the floor hockey sticks and what a curve does
  • Stick blade height - never above your waist
  • Head and eyes up
Have the students get a ball and stick and complete the following stick handling challenges:
  1. Stick handle while maintaining eye contact with a friend (2 mins)
  2. Stick handle keeping the ball on top of a gym line (2 mins)
  3. Take off 1 shoe and stick handle in circles around it (ensure proper foot traction) (2 mins)
  4. Take off another shoe and stick handle in a figure 8 between them (ensure proper foot traction (2 mins)
  5. Stick handle between your legs (2 mins)
  6. Come up with your own stick handling “trick” (3 mins)

Game: Payphone stick handling (10-15 mins)

Start students off stick handling around the entire gym, then half the gym, then a quarter of the gym, making the dimensions smaller and smaller. Kids have to be walking around, they can’t stick handle on the spot. As the space shrinks, they will need to focus more and refine their skills. If their skill level is high enough, one or two students should not have a ball, and it is their job to steal someone else's ball. If your ball gets stolen, you need to go steal one from someone else. 
Closure/Cool Down (5-10 mins)

Open the Gates
Divide the children into two groups. Ask one group to hold hands and make a circle and to lift their arms to make arches or doors.

The other children can run in and out through the arches until the teacher says “Shut the gates!”
All the arches are brought down.
Any child caught in the centre joins the circle

Have students complete self assessment (5 mins)


Hockey sticks
Safety Considerations

Stick blades should never be raised higher than the waist

Balls are not to be shot

Reinforce keeping your head and eyes up

Sticks of different lengths
Balls of different sizes
Ringette sticks and rings