Friday 29 November 2019

Introduction to Hockey Lesson Plan for Grade 1 and 2

Submitted by: Tiffany Archie, 2019 HPEC Membership Conference Grant Recipient
Grade: 3 - 5

Application of Basic Skills
Functional Fitness
Body Image
Fair Play
Goal Setting/ Personal Challenge
Active Living in the Community


Lightsaber Tag
Everyone is a robot except for the 2 (or more) people that are it. The people that are “it” get a pool noodle (aka lightsaber) to tag people with. Everyone else is a robot that has to move around the gym trying not to get tagged. If you get hit by a lightsaber you have to “power down” like a robot. To do this we crouched down in a “standing ball”. To get powered back up someone has to come and enter a power up code in your back. Typically, kids make beep sounds as they “key in the code”. The code must be a certain amount of numbers long, e.g. 5 digits, and must be chosen before you start the game.  

·         Observe the ways students receive, retain and send an object while working with others on a team.
·         Observe how students work within a team setting and how they demonstrate etiquette and fair play. 
·         Observe students willingness to work with others. 
Learning Activities/Teaching Strategies

4 Corner Pool Noodle Hockey
  • Set up pylons in each corner of the gym to create your nets. 
  • Separate the students into even teams and hand out pool noodles to use as their “hockey sticks”. It is handy if you can give each team the same colour of pool noodle.  
  • The students use the pool noodle as their striking implement. 
Closure/Cool Down

Review the lesson being taught and go over any observations you made during the activity. 


Pool noodles cut in half of a variety of different colours. Enough for each student to have half a pool noodle. 

8 Pylons
Safety Considerations

General Pool Noodle Rules: 
No hitting above the shoulders.
Noodles are not swords etc. 
They are used for what we intend them for in the game we are playing. 
No hitting the floor and walls with the noodles. 

Modification: use multiple balls for large class participation.