Tuesday 2 June 2020

7th Annual Physical Education Summer Symposium – Virtual Edition

Presented by: FFCA, MRU, and HPEC

The Week of Monday August 24 to Friday August 28, 2020

Please join us for this excellent physical education professional development opportunity during the week of August 24 – 28, 2020.  There is no cost to participate in this event.  Please complete your registration through the google link:

Receive Session Videos links delivered directly to your inbox during the Symposium Week.  Throughout the week of August 24 – 28, all registrants will receive daily video links to the 7th Annual Physical Education Summer Symposium sessions.  Each session will be delivered in a 15 minute video.  Watch the session videos at a time that is convenient for you.  All session videos will be sent to all symposium registrants. Session presenters include: FFCA Physical Education Teachers, HPEC Regional Representatives, MRU Professors, Ever Active Schools Facilitators and Alberta Health Services Health Promotion Facilitators.  To be part of the 7th Annual Physical Education Summer Symposium, Virtual Edition, sign up through the google form link.  Thank you goes out to all the individuals and organizations who have taken the time to provide sessions for this event.

7th Annual Physical Education Summer Symposium Sessions:

Session Title: Physical Distancing PE Activities
Presenter: Sonia Sheehan, FFCA SWE Campus
Description:  This session will take you through some activities you can do with your students when planning for physical education classes with physical distancing.  The focus will be on engaging students, disguising fitness and gamification.  Whether you are teaching from home, teaching at school with physical distancing conditions in place or teaching with no restrictions, these activities will actively hook your students into your PE lesson.  Some activities may include: Heads or Tails, Black or Red, Active Eggs, Deal or No Deal, RPS Challenges and more.
Session TitleGIF what?
Presenter: Chris Shaw, FFCA SMS Campus 
Description: Gif stands for graphics interchange format.  GIF is basically a compressed video which uses less frames but maintains the quality of the images; so doing more with less!  Through this session you will learn how to take every day videos and turn them into GIFs.  Using these GIFs teachers will be able to create interactive PowerPoints to add to engagement in student learning.
Session Title:  Using Social Media to Get Students Active: #active365
Presenter: Lisa Taylor, PE specialist, PhD Student, HPEC Calgary Regional Rep
Description: This session describes a project that gets students to use their mobile devices to capture images of themselves being active, for marks. Done with secondary students (grades 7-12), and directly linked to curricular objectives, #active365 can embrace your students' engagement with social media, taking selfies, and use them towards grades that you can back up. You will leave this session with an understanding as to how you can set up this challenge right away, with minimal effort! I will also provide a Google Doc link to a poster that will describe the challenge for students.
Session Title: Outdoor Indigenous Games
Presenter: Brian Broad, FFCA NWE Campus
Description: Do you feel like you should have more indigenous culture in your PE program, and are worried about possible social distancing and students sharing equipment? In this session you will learn fun and engaging indigenous games that students will want to play again and again and can be used outdoors with large groups of students, with no equipment. 
Session Title: Fitness Goal Setting
Presenter: Lara Talamini, FFCA NMS Campus
Description: With potential physical distancing requirements and maybe even the extension of learning from home programming into the new school year, teachers are looking for new ways to support their students in living a healthy and active lifestyle.  This session will share some planning tools to help your students to identify, set and achieve personal fitness goals. I will share information appropriate for both elementary and middle school. 
Session Title: Increasing an Appetite for PE - You Have the Tools, We Have the Recipes!
Presenter: Ever Active Schools
Description: Recently, Ever Active Schools uploaded free, downloadable physical education lesson plans, developed for teachers, by teachers using a creative recipe card format. Offering lesson plans in English for grades K to 12 and French for grades K to 6, these resources are aligned with the current Alberta curriculum offering six lesson ideas for each of the five teaching units, as well as bonus DPA ideas for grades K to 6. Our session will guide you through sample lessons and demonstrate possible delivery methods whether you are at home, in the school, or in an alternative environment. 
Session Title: Explore Your 2.4
Presenter: Ever Active Schools
Description: You might have noticed in the past 4 to 6 months, more families are using their own communities to get out and get active. Let's take that one step further. Let's explore active travel as a viable, healthier transportation option that starts anywhere within 2.4kms of our home and/or school. For many school districts 2.4 km is the distance that is used to mark the furthest extent of a walk zone. Ever Active Schools, along with #GETKIDSOUT, are encouraging you to explore your 2.4. It's the perfect way to get out, and see what’s in your very own community.
Session Title: Simple Assessment Strategies for Elementary PE
Presenter: Melissa Brooks, FFCA NEE Campus
Description: You can use these easy assessment strategies in the gymnasium, in a classroom or over remote learning to support student skill practice, reflection, self assessment or summative assessment.
Session Title: Cooperative Games
Presenter: Andrea Wilcox, FFCA SEE Campus
Description: Here is a variety of Cooperative games you could play with your students, some online and some for when we can meet in person again. These games get them working in teams and using the collective ideas to solve the problem.
Session Title: Nature Rx: The Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors
Presenter: Shannon Kell, Mount Royal University
Description:  We have limited COVID-approved places to play and relax besides our own homes. The outdoors provide a fantastic alternative to staying indoors, with proven benefits to our health and wellbeing. This session will provide you with a summary of the research regarding the benefits of spending time in nature whether you choose to be active or sedentary, alone or with others. We might even begin to consider how schools can use the outdoors to help with re-opening safely.
Session Title: Staff and Student Wellness
Presenter: Justine O’Leary, Alberta Health Services
Description: In this session you will learn about the role that positive psychology plays in helping you to be happier and healthier. We will examine quick and simple techniques for improving your wellness and share helpful resources that can support you and your students to be happier and healthier.