Thursday 7 March 2024

"Can We PLEASE Play Yoshi and Fresher Today?" - Two Endless Games That Students Always Request to Play

Submitted by: Maddison Lintz, HPEC Edmonton Regional Representative


Equipment: Pinnies, 2 mats

Game Description: In the PE strategy game Yoshi, teams attempt to be the first to get all of their players on the opposite island. Similar to Capture The Flag, this game requires thinking, timing, and teamwork to get everyone over first without getting caught. It’s a tag-based game with different variables to consider. 

  1. Place exercise mats down on opposite ends of your learning space. Create two teams, one on each half of the gym.

  2. Players will attempt to be the first team to get all of their players onto the mat on the opposite side.

  3. Players can get tagged when in the opposite team's half, so this is where they need to be careful! If tagged, players sit where they are tagged.

  4. Sitting players can be ‘saved’ by teammates who safely and successfully get to them without themselves getting tagged. When saved, both get a free walk back to their side.

  5. Players can leave the mat to save someone they see sitting, however, then must take the free walk back to their side.

  6. If the teacher yells, “YOSHI” then all players make a mad rush to the mat (even if they are sitting, they can get up and run to the mat).

  7. First team with all players on the mat wins. 

  8. Immediately start a new round, but now the pursuit to a mat is in the opposite direction.

*Modifications*- When “Yoshi” is called, you can change the locomotor pattern to get to the mat (e.g. students will skip, or hop on one foot instead of run).

*Instead of calling “Yoshi”, the game can conclude once all students are on the mat*

*When students are tagged, they have a ‘physical prize’ (such as 10 push-ups) before they sit down and wait to be saved.

Students who are unable to physically participate in this game can be the caller of “Yoshi”, or they can record the score in some capacity.


Equipment: Cones

Game Description: Fresher is a tag game in which players have to be “fresher” than other players to tag them. The longer a player is in the playing area, the less fresh they become and the chance of them getting tagged becomes higher.

  1. 2 teams play against each other, trying to tag the opponents. 

  2. When in their own teams safe area (the endzone on their side) they are completely fresh, but as soon as a player enters the middle zone (playing area) he starts becoming less and less fresh, so if a player from the other team enters that area AFTER, that player is fresher and can tag them. 

  3. Once tagged, a player needs to go into the corner prison on the opposing team's side (marked by cones) and hope for someone on his team to come over and rescue him.

  4. Once rescued, both players get a free walk back to their team. The round is over if all players from one team are tagged and in prison. 

*If players from opposing teams encounter each other and don’t know who is “fresher” they can do a self-regulatory process of rock, paper, scissors, and the loser goes into jail.*

Both of these activities are highly requested on behalf of our students. These games provide challenges to students' physical abilities, the implementation of strategy and tactic, followed by collaboration and teamwork.