Friday 3 March 2017

Health Champion Profile: Sonia Sheehan

Health Champion Profile: Sonia Sheehan

Sonia Sheehan

Elementary Physical Education Teacher
FFCA - SWE Campus, Calgary
HPEC Past President 2014-2016

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Healthy Active Background: "I stay active by running, swimming, biking, and playing sports with my two kids and husband. I was a former University level competitive swimmer, 8 time Member of the Canadian National Triathlon Team, 5 time marathon finisher, and 2 time Ironman Canada Finisher."

Is there a teacher in your past that has inspired you to be healthy? How? "One of my former Junior High School teachers, Mr. Jerry Banks from R.T. Alderman School in Calgary, challenged me to take my running pursuits to a new level. Mr. Banks was inspirational. His coaching and dedication to cross country running and track and field allowed me to realize the beginning of my running potential. Through Mr. Banks' dedication I was able to achieve success in my running. The positive experience I had in junior high school encouraged me to continue to pursue running throughout my schooling and into life in general. To this day I stay healthy and fit by training for Disney Half Marathons. Thank you Mr. Banks for your encouragement, positive influence and making a healthy difference in my life!

What led you to pursue your career? "Having a love of being active, learning about the human body, and sharing my knowledge with others lead me to pursue a degree in Kinesiology and Education. A strong desire to move each day and impact others created the ideal match with a career as a physical education teacher. When I arrive at school each Monday morning excited about what I will teach my students, I know being a physical education teacher was the right choice for me."

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What motivates you to be healthy? "I am motivated to stay healthy and active so I can be a role model for my students and my own children. Being able to play beside them (and keep up) is important to me. If on a daily basis I am asking my students and children to make healthy choices, I want to be leading by example."

My favourite quote for life comes from one of my junior high school health classes on career planning. The words of Mr. Banks live true each day in my life. "You will never have to work a day in your life if you love what you do." When I head out the door each morning to teach elementary physical education at FFCA - SWE Campus I am reminded of these words. I feel fortunate to help guide today's youth on the path of being physically active and healthy for life."

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