Friday 3 March 2017

Health Champions Profile: Megan Brain

Health Champion Profile: Megan Brain

Megan Brain

Physical Education Teacher
Blessed Oscar Romero High School, Edmonton Catholic
HPEC Regional Representative, Edmonton

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Who Inspired Me? “My parents blessed me with the opportunity to be involved in sport at a young age, so my love for being active started at a young age. It was actually my sister who got me into running during university. We competed in a number of races, including our first half marathon together. From there, I was hooked! I surround myself with people who inspire me to stay fit and active each and every day including all of my strollercize friends, teammates, fellow PE educators, and of course the HPEC crew!”

What keeps me motivated to be healthy? “My occupation is a big factor... I want to be a good role model for my students, especially young females who are faced with so many challenges in today's society. My kids... I want my boys to grow up seeing their mom being active so that it just becomes a part of who they are. Being involved in sport and physical activity at a young age was so influential to me as a young person, I want my children to have the same opportunities that I had. My own health and wellness... I know what I am like when I am not active. It affects all of the other areas of my wellness. My social health, physical health, mental health, and even my spiritual health take a back seat when I am not active... so I know that in order for me to stay well, physical activity has to remain in the driver's seat.”

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