Tuesday 28 February 2017

Health Champion Profile: Nadeen Halls

Health Champion Profile: Nadeen Halls

Nadeen Halls

@ndhalls, #cBEwell
BHkin. BEd.
Health and Physical Educator
Patrick Airlie School, Calgary Board of Education
HPEC Comprehensive School Health Representative

Healthy and Active Background: 3X Ironman Canada Finisher; Runner; Yogi; Lover of Nature; and Doggie Mama.

Is there a teacher in your past that inspired you to be healthy? “I attended Argyle Secondary School in North Vancouver and was inspired by two of my physical education teachers, Ms. White and Ms. Kennedy. They encouraged me though physical education classes, extracurricular leadership activities and sport. Throughout my career as a health and physical educator, I often think back to the many ways they supported me and I how I am grateful to have had their guidance.”

What lead you to pursue your career? “I had lots of opportunities when I was young to be physically active through recreation, in school as well as more competitive sport.  Those experiences allowed me to feel a stronger sense of self-confidence. I am motivated by success in more kinesthetic ways of learning and knowing which are essential for me to have a deeper understanding of things.”

What health advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? “Breathe. There were times as a young person and athlete where I would become hyper-focused and unable to breathe. I often felt anxious when preparing for something or during competition. Sometimes I still feel that familiar wave of anxiety building, but now I have more strategies for recognizing and dealing with it.”

What keeps you motivated to be healthy? “I know that I need to be physically active to be healthy and well. I find heartfullness when I feel healthy and my mind is more calm. I am more able to deal with life's challenges.”

Favourite Quote: Hard work. Pays off. Period.


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