Friday 10 February 2017

Flyback by Dean Rootsaert

by Dean Rootsaert

There is no standing around when your students play this game. Students define their own positions of play and develop team strategy. This game is a definite win for physical Education classes and intramurals.
Many years ago I was faced with a rather large high school phys.ed class. It was one of those falls where it would not stop raining and I wanted to shake things up abit and move away from the traditional phys.ed type activities. I looked at ways to teach Ultimate Frisbee inside. The skills were easily taught, no wind allowed for a quick pick up of the basic skills in sending a receiving. So I tried to play a game inside. This was tough, I could not get enough kids into the space provided to have a fun yet challenging game. 
This led me to combine capture the flag with ultimate into what is now known as Flyback. This was a great equalizer in my phys.ed class. it became an instant hit. Students of all shapes, sizes, abilities and desires, all wanted to play this game. 
Since it's creation, I have moved into four different schools, teaching it in three of them and having it already being taught in the fourth before I got there. I have presented it at three HPEC conferences and am proud to hear that it is being played in many schools across our province.

I hope your students enjoy Flyback as much as mine have,