Friday 10 February 2017

Bean Bag Frozen Tag by Neil Ashworth, PE Specialist

by Neil Ashworth, PE Specialist

Bean Bag Frozen Tag Arrange students into teams. I do this by looking over my hand at the student while showing them a number using my fingers. This tells them what team they are on and they can join that team easily after we have picked the first person on the team who holds up the same number of fingers. I use American sign language numbers so that we can go over five teams.

Once teams are formed ask each individual team to stand up like a star with the number of their team on their fingers so that their team members can see which team they are on. This lets team members know who they can set free by crawling between their legs. Phrases like, "We are team three! We stand like this when we're caught! So our team members can set us free!" I use double high fives with the older children to set them free.

A raised arm with a fist signals the students to come back to their teams after a minute or so of play.

I use simple math problems to get them thinking of which team is it. eg. The team which is it is half of ten. or. The team which is it is twice 3. or. for the older students, The team which is it is 9 in three pieces. and so on.

It students use bean bags to identify which people are it and also to touch the runners, skippers, gallopers, etc.