Tuesday 2 May 2017

Conference Grant Winner: Kathleen Zalasky - Sink the Ship Activity

Sink the Ship (Grades 2-6)

-Wooden skittles or bowling pins (8)
-scooters (4)
-dodge balls
-milk crates (2)

How to Set Up:
Divide the class into two teams. Make two large, opposing rectangular playing areas using the skittles or bowling pins as corners of the rectangles. Place two scooters beside each rectangle (two per team). Place half of the dodge balls in one rectangle and half in the other. Two milk crates can be placed randomly in the “open sea”.

Objective of the Game:
Be the first team to knock down all four of the opposing teams skittles to sink their ship.

  1. Each team will begin inside their respective rectangle.
  2. Two players from each team will be chosen to drive the lifeboats (scooters). Only the players on the lifeboats may leave their playing area to retrieve the dodge balls and bring them to their teammates on the “ship”.
  3. Players may not leave their rectangular playing area at any time without a lifeboat. If they step out of the area at any time, they must do 10 push-ups before returning to the game.
  4. Players will throw dodge balls at the opposing team’s skittles in an attempt to knock all four of them down.
  5. Once a skittle has been knocked down, it must stay down. There is no guarding of the skittles allowed.
  6. The only way to revive a knocked-down skittle is by successfully throwing a dodgeball into one of the treasure chests (milk crate). The players on the lifeboat may NOT throw the dodge balls into the treasure chest.
  7. The team whose four skittles are knocked down first must all complete 10 push-ups and the game will begin again.


  1. Players can hit an opposing player with a dodge ball in order to get them out. The player who is hit would then have to complete 10 push-ups before returning to the game.