Thursday 21 June 2018

Conference Grant Blog Submission: Let’s Make a Deal – Fitness Edition

Looking for ideas to make fitness fun and engaging for your students? Here’s a game a colleague and I came up with that our students absolutely loved. They didn’t want to stop playing at the end of class and asked to play it again the next day.

Let’s Make a Deal – Fitness Edition
This takes the popular television game show into the physical education classroom. 
Decide on a series of exercises you want your students to perform. You will need 2 choices for each round: Option A and Option B. We chose to make a slideshow to project onto our gym wall. Alternately, you could write the exercises on cue cards or make posters. We made about 15 sets of Option A and Option B which lasted a 30-minute physical education class.
How to Play:
Choose a student to be the first player. Present them with Option A. They then choose to perform Option A or Option B which is unknown to them. Say, “You can choose Option A: 20 Jumping Jacks, or Option B which is unknown”. Whichever activity they choose, the whole class performs. Students love that they get to “choose” which fitness activities they are going to perform that day. The element of chance and surprise often gets the best of them and they can’t help but choose Option B just to see what it is!
·         Alternate the more challenging activity between option A and option B.
·         Alternate activities so that students are working different muscle groups each round.
·         Choose a mix of cardio, strength, balance and flexibility exercises.
·         Add a picture for younger students and/or demonstrate the activity for them.
·         Look for students demonstrating excellent effort, or modelling great form, and let them choose the exercise for the next round.
·         Add in an option for a minute of rest in the middle of the game.
·         Add in an option for a minute of free dance or another activity the students really enjoy.