Thursday 21 June 2018

Conference Grant Blog Submission: Kabaddi Tag

Kabaddi Tag is a modified version of the popular contact team sport called Kabaddi, played primarily in Southeast Asia. Kabaddi is a game played between two teams of seven players where the object of the game is for one player on offence to run into the other team’s court, tag out as many of their defenders as possible and return to their side without being tackled. Kabaddi Tag maintains the same elements however the objective is pursued individually and instead of tackling, flag football belts are used.

This is a great game to be played as a warm up or cool down. Here’s what you will need and a detailed explanation of the game.

• Pylons
• Flag football belts
• Tennis ball (optional) -placed on top of the cone

Set up:

Multiple playing areas can be set up in the gym at once
- Use half a badminton court (one side of the court) as the playing area, set up a cone roughly 10 full steps away. (This can be adjusted based on the age group)
- Split the class up into groups of 5 or 6

How to play
-In order to score a point, the offensive player (raider) must enter the playing area and tag one of the defenders (can be on the legs or the upper body)
-Once the raider tags one of the defenders, he or she has to make it back to the cone and knock the tennis ball off before any of the defenders pulls one of their flags off. If the raider makes it back successfully, with all flags on their belt still intact, they score a point.
-If they are caught and don’t make it back, they switch out with one of the defenders.
-All players should have a couple chances at being the raider.