Tuesday 5 February 2019

Life is a Journey, Let it Be Active - HPEC Annual Conference 2019 - Red Deer, Alberta - May 9-11, 2019

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Big or small, north or south, HPEC’s annual conference is always a high-quality PD event. This conference moves around the province to provide access to all of our valued HPEC members.

This year conference is in the central location of Red Deer. Come to learn and play with your HPEC Family!

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Pre-Conference Sessions are now available! Check out the sessions info below!

Building Intentional Connections 
School connectedness is increasingly recognized as a vital component of successful schools. The research is strong and consistent; students who feel connected to school do better academically and are healthier. Additionally, school culture is improved when staff members are cohesive and collaborative; staff are more effective when they are part of a team that is connected and strong. Come prepared to connect with Health and Wellness Champions from multiple districts to celebrate and share how you are creating connections within your school environment. Together we will explore and discuss how to build strong, positive relationships: among students, between students and school staff and between staff members. You will leave this session with new ideas, resources and meaningful examples of how to better connect the staff and students in your school. Let’s create some intentional connections and build healthier schools together!

Skill development is an important aspect in helping students better understand how to play volleyball. But reps are boring! Learn how to use modified games to teach the skills and to get more student involvement. Expect to be active in this session, the practical application will help you improve your volleyball knowledge and become a rock star in your league!!

Track & Field with Elisha O'Lain  
This session will take participants through basic Athletics (Track and Field) skill acquisition activities and progressions. Events within the three areas of Run (Sprints, Distance, Hurdles, Relay), Jump (Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump), and Throw (Shot Put, Discus, Javelin) will be included, however, the session will be directed by the specific requests and needs of the participants, regarding both event focus and division (Elementary, Middle, of High School). Elisha is an NCCP certified Level 3 club throws coach and holds NCCP level 2 technical certification in the disciples of Sprints and Hurdles, Jumps and Distance and is as Run, Jump, Throw training. She has been involved in coaching programs at a developmental level, such as the Head coach for the Dino Youth Track and Field Program, and as an instructor for the Athletics Canada Run, Jump, Throw School program as well as at a higher performance level including combined events coaching experience with Calgary Track and Field (CALTAF) and Dinos Athletics. NCCP#812170 @ https://thelocker.coach.ca/access/account/public As a Health and Physical Educator, Elisha has adapted the knowledge and skills learned as a club coach to develop learning activities that are effective in a school setting. To view an example of resources please visit https://sites.google.com/view/msolain/resources/visuals-resources?authuser=0

Ski, Skate, Slide
Ski, Skate and Slide is a new resource from Ever Active Schools to support teachers in being active supervisors on excursions in winter environments. The resource has been supported by facilities and sport organizations like Canyon Ski Area, where this pre-conference session will take place. Snow conditions permitting, we will be able to get out on the hill to ski and board in environments designed by the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance and other partners that schools and ski areas can use to keep students engaged and practicing following initial lessons from professional instructors. We will also try some activities you can do at your school in advance of winter trips to build student skill and confidence. With the right environment, you as the teacher don’t have to be an expert skier/snowboarder to participate and you’ll build your confidence to lead and give students appropriate challenges to try as they practice and refine their sliding skills. **Please note you will need to bring your own lunch and snacks. The lodge will not be providing food services during Pre Conference. **

Basketball with Clayton Pottinger 
This workshop will give you all of the tools you need to hit the court with confidence as a first-time children’s basketball coach.this in-class and on-court workshop will help you: · Understand the level of athlete you are coaching (typically children between the ages of 6-10); · Equip yourself with basic tools to plan safe, fun and effective practices; · Learn how to teach basic basketball skills from a games approach in a fun and inclusive way. WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS WORKSHOP? · Anyone with limited or basic basketball experience who wants to get involved at the community level to coach children’s basketball; · Parents/guardians volunteering with their child’s basketball program; · Coaches looking to transfer their coaching knowledge in order to acquire games approach drills and an understanding of this age group. · Assistant coaches that want to further their knowledge of basketball and contribute in building their athlete’s skills Certification Fee not included; this can be done via NCCP website; Clayton will provide instructions.