Tuesday 1 June 2021

8th Annual Physical Education Summer Symposium - Virtual Edition

Presented by: FFCA, MRU, and HPEC

The Week of Monday August 23 to Friday August 27, 2021

Please join us for this excellent physical education professional development opportunity during the week of August 23 – 27, 2021.  There is no cost to participate in this event.  Please complete your registration through the google link:


Receive Session Videos links delivered directly to your inbox during the Symposium Week.  Throughout the week of August 23 – 27, all registrants will receive daily video links to the 8th Annual Physical Education Summer Symposium sessions.  Each session will be delivered in a 15 minute video.  Watch the session videos at a time that is convenient for you.  All session videos will be sent to all symposium registrants. Session presenters include: FFCA Physical Education Teachers, MRU Professors, Ever Active Schools Facilitators, Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation Representatives, Athletics Alberta Representatives and Play Education.  To be part of the 8th Annual Physical Education Summer Symposium, Virtual Edition, sign up through the google form link included.  Thank you goes out to all the individuals and organizations who have taken the time to provide sessions for this event.

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8th Annual Physical Education Summer Symposium Sessions:


Session Title: No Equipment Necessary Engaging Warm Up Games

Presenter: Sonia Sheehan, FFCA SWE Campus, HPEC Vice President

Description: After teaching during the 2020-2021 pandemic school year, many teachers learned quickly to look for warm up games and activities that require little to no equipment.  This session will take you through a range of games that can be easily taught if we are all still teaching under COVID restrictions or if our schools have returned to a less restrictive environment.  These games will require little to no equipment and will get your students moving safely.  Some games will include: The Reaction Game, Last Student Standing, The Spy, RPS Team Challenge, RPS Olympics, RPS Baseball, Mystery Number-Higher or Lower Than and 3 person relays.


Session TitlePlayground and Simple Equipment Parkour

Presenter: Chris Shaw, FFCA SMS Campus 

Description:  Want to add a fun twist to your gymnastics unit?  Want to increase engagement in students who are reluctant learners of gymnastics?  Incorporate some basic parkour skills into your gymnastics unit that can be taught using your playground and basic gymnastics equipment.


Session Title: Just Add Paint...Reimagining Your Outdoor Teaching Space

Presenter: Dr. Dwayne Sheehan, Mount Royal University, Sonia Sheehan, FFCA SWE Campus

Description: This session will examine a few schools that repainted their outdoor tarmac space to enhance outdoor physical education classes.  With paint on the ground, physical education class equipment needs drastically decreased and student organization and engagement exponentially increased. The design process, planning process, and painting process will be shared.  Real life reflections will be shared on how valuable adding some strategically placed paint on the tarmac can result in higher quality outdoor physical education experiences.


Session Title: Websites - Hidden Gems for Teaching Health and Physical Education

Presenter: Melissa Brooks, FFCA NEE Campus

Description: Join me for a brief online tour of my favorite online resources to support teaching Health and Physical Education for teachers K - 12. 


Session Title: Blackfoot Movement Story 

Presenter: Melissa Brooks, FFCA NEE Campus

Description: Learn about a free resource through Be Fit for Life called a Blackfoot Movement story. Appropriate for preschool - grade 5. This story can be utilized in a classroom or PE setting.  A document outlining story extensions will be shared.


Session Title: Fun with Relay Batons or Lummi Sticks - COVID Friendly Teaching

Presenter: Melissa Brooks, FFCA NEE Campus

Description: I will share a fun mini unit that we used this year during COVID. The video will give an overview of the unit and lesson activities will be shared. Appropriate for K - 4.


Session Title: Hosting a Virtual Sport Stacking Tournament

Presenter: Brian Broad, FFCA NWE Campus & Jeff Howell, Speed Stacks Canada

Description: Do you want to host a virtual Sport Stacking tournament? Want to get kids excited about a different sport? We were the first school to host with Speed Stacks Canada. Students have the opportunity to get medals, hold records on the WSSA website and be part of Team Canada or Team Alberta.


Session Title: Rubber Chicken Games

Presenter: Brian Broad, FFCA NWE Campus

Description: Want to get your kids active and having a blast with very little equipment? Try rubber chicken games. I will show you games that have minimal equipment or contact, are easy to understand and will have your kids asking to play again and again. 


Session Title: Introducing the Outdoor Learning Quickdraw from Ever Active Schools

Presenter: Ever Active Schools

Description:  This session will share Ever Active Schools newest deck of cards, the Outdoor Learning Quickdraw. This resource has been designed to support teachers, students and community programs in creating meaningful and active outdoor learning experiences. The deck of cards is loaded with 52 activity ideas and inspirations that can be used by all grade levels, particularly in middle years and up, organized into four suits: Physical Literacy, Teamwork, Outdoor Skills and Environmental Action. Our video will feature a few samples from each suit.


Session Title: Paddle, Pivot, Pedal, Prance and Most of All...PLAY!

Presenter: Tracy Lockwood, Play Education

Description: Attend this session ready to be immersed in activities, ideas and techniques that promote the development of Physical Literacy in multiple environments (land, water, snow/ice). With this collection of invigorating, fun and student-centered activities, you'll be able to motivate and engage your students to participate fully in Physical Education and physical activity. Many resources will be shared and topics will span a wide-range of ages and interest levels.


Session Title: Become Legendary with the New Mini Legends Program

Presenter: Tracy Lockwood, Mini Legends Program Coordinator, Athletics Alberta

Description: Brought to you by Athletics Alberta, the Mini Legends Program (MLP) supports the development of physical literacy and much more! Come prepared to move with and learn about this safe and inclusive program that focuses on fundamental movement skills, social connections, cognitive development and emotional skills. With this K-6 program, PE has never been easier! Through Plug & Play resources, FREE Virtual Lightning Bolts, and Coach-Facilitated Lessons, we can support teachers in motivating their students to feel confident to move and learn.


Session Title: Crazy Cricket and other Fun Games

Presenter: Andrea Wilcox, FFCA SEE Campus

Description: My favorite games to play in the gym or outside. These games are for grades 1-4 but can be adapted to upper grades. The games demonstrated in the session include: Quidditch (frisbees, pins, and various sized balls - best played inside), Crazy Cricket (ball, cricket wicket, pylons- can be played inside or outside)  Bench Ball (benches or lines and balls- can be played inside or outside) and Squirrels Tails (tails, hula hoops and pylons - can be played inside or outside).


Session Title: Online Strong - Using Digital Tools for Online Class Accountability

Presenter: Mariko Glenney, FFCA High School Campus

Description: The online classroom for PE teachers can be tricky. We must balance both synchronous teaching with asynchronous assignments. Flipgrid is a great tool for student accountability and participation.


Session Title: Heart and Stroke Foundation Website Resources for Teachers

Presenter: Sonia Lallier - Community Relationship Specialist, Southern AB & MB | Heart & Stroke

Description: Learn about Jump Rope for Heart and HeartSmart Kids at Home. These two programs can excite your students to get active, and help you teach health outcomes in an interactive, meaningful way.