Wednesday 1 September 2021

What will you do with an idea?

By the School Health & Wellness Promotion Team, Alberta Health Services

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We love ideas – always have, always will. Need a quick brainstorm? We’re your people.

One of the best parts of our role as Health Promotion Facilitators is that we get to gather ideas about healthy schools, share them with partners, and help bring them to life in schools and school authorities.

We find ideas in all kinds of places – articles, toolkits, workshops, conversations, stories, and even on social media. We work across health and education to weigh them against published science, traditional wisdom, and real-world experience. We anchor them in comprehensive school health so they can roll out in a way that is coordinated, effective, and sustainable.

Fueled by ideas, we’ve learned that school health champions do remarkable things. Your energy, passion, enthusiasm and commitment propel ideas to new heights – even in tough times. Last year, we were awed and inspired as you moved learning outdoors, cultivated online relationships, and redesigned recess. We loved your ideas for walking field trips, virtual family nights, and flexible school food programs. Thank you for being there, and for helping students to stay well.    

As we look to a new school year with hope, what will you do with an idea? If you’re looking for a creative spark, check out, our new digital hub for healthy schools. Use it to explore evidence-based ideas and information, and connect with resources, training, and passionate people who can help. Start an idea, grow an idea, or share an idea – there’s something here for you.

Welcome back, HPEC teachers! We can’t wait to connect with you.