Friday 2 June 2023

Foosball Tag

Submitted by: Kerry Wiebe, HPEC Membership Conference Grant Recipient

Age: Grade 7-10

Materials:  stopwatch, scorechart, pinnies

Objective:  to get through the foosball “table” as many times as possible in the time allotted to score one point for each successful journey.

I play this game as a warm up game.  Depending on your class size will depend on the space you need.  Could be played with a minimum of 12 students and up to 40 if you have the space!

  1.  Divide your class evenly into two teams using pinnies.  One team will be the “ball” or runners.  The other team will be divided evenly on lines within the “table”  to be the little people defending.

  1.  I suggest 2-4 students on each row ( line) as defenders.  Defenders can only move side to side on the designated line, much like the foosball “people”.  Defenders can only tag runners in front or beside them.  No tagging behind their line.  Depending on class size, I will use either the volleyball court lines as my table or the basketball court lines.

  1.  On the word “go”, the runners on mass will try to get to the other end of the foosball table without getting tagged.  They cannot fall off the foosball table.  Meaning, they have to stay in bounds.  If they get tagged, they must return to the start and try again.  Remind them that this is a relay and they are trying to score as many points as possible in 3 minutes, for example.

  1.  If they are successful in making it to the opposite end of the table, they should return to you at the starting end by running back to you on the outside of the table ( playing area) so they do not collide with the runners attempting to go through the table.  Award a point for each successful student, and they continue until the time is up.

  1.  After the first group goes, have the teams switch places.  The second team is trying to earn more runs ( points) than the first team.

  1.  The team with the most successful runs through the table wins.

It is a good game, as no one sits out or is eliminated, and players will come up with some creative strategies!  Have fun!