Tuesday 6 June 2023

HPEC Conference 2023 Highlights and Award Winners:

Submitted by: Sonia Sheehan, HPEC Vice President Communications

On Thursday May 4, 2023, the annual HPEC Conference returned to its full “in-person” glory at Lethbridge College.  Health and physical education teachers from around the province were able to gather together for an amazing PD experience in Alberta’s beautiful south end of the province. Hats go off to Jonathan Dick and his small but mighty conference team for organizing an outstanding HPEC Conference 2023.  The conference kicked off with pre-conference sessions highlighting the new Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum and Sports Medicine Taping and Strapping sessions. HPEC Presidents from past years were honoured at the HPEC Past President’s Reception. During the official opening ceremony the keynote speaker, Laval St. Germain, shared his incredible stories of adventure. The conference opening also recognized teachers who have demonstrated outstanding contributions in the field of health and physical education in the province of Alberta.

The 2023 HPEC Distinguished Service Winner: 

Elisha O'Lain

The 2023 HPEC Certificate of Commendation Winners:

Corey Gunther        Calgary Region

Maren Roberts        Northwest Region

Darren Anderson    Greater Calgary Region

Jordan Johnson      Northeast Region

Kathryn Stack        Edmonton Region

Kaylie Klaiber        Southeast Region

Corey Lougheed    Central West Region

Congratulations to all the HPEC 2023 Award Winners!
The HPEC Conference 2023 program did not disappoint. Thank you goes out to all the presenters who shared their expertise.  Sessions included a wide range of topics, such as: Pickleball, Australian Rules Football, Human Sexuality, Snowsports, Omnikin, Smashball, TGFU, Intramurals, Lacrosse, Yoga, Self-Reflection, Self-Regulation, Outdoor Learning, Mental Health, Concussion Prevention, and many more. As always, the HPEC Friday night social was a highlight with a “Beach Party” theme.  Conference delegates enjoyed a fun evening of beach games while dressed to enjoy a tropical evening. 

The annual HPEC Conference is not to be missed.  It provides teachers with incredible professional development and collegial interactions.  Watch for details to attend HPEC Conference 2024 in Edmonton on the HPEC website: www.hpec.ab.ca

HPEC also offers conference grants to HPEC members (teachers and pre-service teachers) to provide financial assistance to attend conference. Apply today and plan to be a delegate at HPEC Conference 2024 in Edmonton.